Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A pop of colour

Good morning everyone, sharing another card with you today from the stunning pretty posies die sets from Tonic Studios ,launched last night on Hochanda, Jodie has a show at 1 & 4pm today and of course if you missed last night shows from 6 & 8pm you can watch those on rewind on Hochandas web site.

Materials used:-
Pretty posies -  you brighten my day
White Nuvo drops
Nuvo shimmer powders - Catherine Wheel- solar flare-cherry bomb
Cheap hair spray
Craft perfect Bright White
Craft perfect raspberry
White 3oogsm  card base

The card base is made from A3 card and measures 7"x 5" with mat and layers , the top card stock has been coloured with the gorgeous Nuvo shimmer powders with a real wow!! Of colour added I started off with a piece of water colour card and lightly stayed with a water mister bottle not soaked it just a light spray then gently tap the colours where you want them  and you will see the colour spread ,to spread the colour further spray a little more water and then heat dry with a heat gun if you want more colour you can repeat and then dry once dry spray over the card from a little distance some cheap hair spray all over the card this will  help to seal the colour otherwise the colour transfers a little. Now your ready to cut the detail die  over to the right hand side of the card so it hangs off the edge and not central, this layer is added to the card with 3mm foam pads so you get that depth and dimension through the die cut.
Now you can add all the other die cuts to the card again adding more dimension by adding foam pads ,the corners have just been snipped with scissors to create decoration  and to finish the card white Nivo drops were added. A very simple card but with a real pop of of colour.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

You Brighten My Day

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my blog.Today i am sharing a brand new launch with you from Tonic Studios - pretty Posies which are very pretty.
Materials used :-
Pretty Posies- die set
Ivory craft perfect
Blossom pink craft perfect
Kraft card craft perfect 
Second edition Kaleidoscope boxes  
Nuvo drops - Party Pink
Baby pink organza ribbon
Natural mini button embellishment

The card base was created cutting 2x of the Kaleidoscope doe sets and placing a score line across the top of the card shape to form a hinge flap to glue the front of the card to.then cut layers in Blossom Pink craft perfect and Ivory. Then the pretty Posies has been die cut in the same colours adding Kraft card  just to make the posies pop off the card make sure you add 3D foam pads to each layer to add depth and dimension to your card. And then place a pretty bow to the top of the card and adding a natural decorative button. And then finishing the card with Nuvo drops.

Thank you for visiting my blog today , be sure to pop back tomorrow as i have lots to share with you . Xx

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Parfumerie gift boxes galore

Good afternoon  everyone, so who has been rather naughty and put the Parfumerie boxes into their baskets lol, well I don't blame you they are fantastic dies the designs are so well thought through the way they all just click together, today I am sharing some creations with you from this launch I won't really give a detailed blog this time as the boxes fix together so easily but just share mine with you for a little inspiration for when yours arrive,although I bet you are all bursting with ideas .
Materials used:-
Parfumerie Perfect  Panache gift box
Jet Black Craft perfect
Chilli red Craft perfect
Golden Satin  speciality card craft perfect
Craft perfect construction Acetate 
Nuvo Indian  gold Mousse
Red shoe string ribbon 
Battery operated tea light 
And a fair I bottom was added to this boy to raise the light up a little inside as the box is slightly to narrow for the light so a 1" cube was added and the light placed on top.

Parfumerie Perfect - Panache gift box
Craft perfect Coral Pink 
Craft perfect Bright white
Craft perfect jet black
Black satin ribbon

Materials used :-
Parfumerie Perfect Panache gift box
Craft perfect Kraft card
Craft perfect Espresso Brown
Craft perfect Chocolate Brown
Craft perfect Chilli red
Craft perfect Pistachio Green
Craft perfect Blossom Pink
Craft perfect Golden Satin speciality card
Nuvo natural bakers twine
Bird from the bramble frames die set
Flowers from the octagon 2nd edition Kaledescope box set

Materials used :-
Bright White craft perfect 
Mauve craft perfect
 Nuvo -Silver  peciality card

Materials used :-
Parfumerie Perfect Romance gift box
Craft perfect pearlecent   Lime Light   card stock
Craft perfect specialty  Ivory Toile    card stock
Craft perfect  speciality card- golden Satin
White shoe string ribbon

Materials used :-
Parfumerie Perfect Romance Gift box
Jet Black Craft perfect
Bright White craft perfect
Golden Satin speciality  craft perfect
Cherry Red craft perfect
Red shoe string satin ribbon

Materials used :-
Parfumerie Perfect Romance Gift box
Golden Satin  speciality craft perfect
Craft perfect -Raspberry Pink
Ivory craft perfect
Satin shoe string ribbon

Materials used :- 
Parfumerie Perfect Romance Gift box set
White pearlecent craft perfect card stock
Pink polka dot decorative card
Rococo Baby  dummy die
Shoe string ribbon

Materials used :-
Parfumerie Perfect Romance Gift box set
Craft perfect construction Acetate
Craft perfect Nebula Purple   glitter card
Purple satin bows 4x 
Now you will have to cut the construction  Acetate with scissors but place the die onto the Acetate and run it through the die cutting machine 2/3 times this will place all the score lines in the box but it will give you a guide to follow with scissors and it's not difficult to cut out.once cut place red liner tape on the glue flap and away you go the rest is just decoration but these look lovely filled with sweeties.

Thank you for joining me today, I will in the next day or so put how I made the lampshade here on my blog with step by step photos but it's really easy to make I promise xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Guilded gift bag - kit 9.

Good morning everyone,welcome to my blog ,today i am sharing another gift bag with you all from Tonic Studios kit 9 ,now i have to say watching the tonic craft battle yesterday and our Owain creating a tag with the guilding  flakes well it got me thinking so out came the guilding flakes in gold and copper and away i went and came up with this.
Materials needed:-
Tonic Studios Craft kit 9.
Black card stock
Jet Black Craft perfect card stock
Nuvo double sided sticky sheets - A4
Nuvo -Gold guilding flakes
Nuvo- Bronze guilding flakes
Black shoe lace ribbon
Die cutting machine
Nuvo -Deluxe Adhesive
Nuvo- red liner tape

                                                               I have so say so easy to put together  and not very messy either as all my guilding flakes are in an A5 box so I work over my boxes so very little mess so anyone new to guilding flakes I would suggest putting them in a bigger clear box with a secure lid as the flakes expand you think oh these  tubs are light  but wait until you get them out of that pot you have loads and you need very little on a project.
So the base of the bag is cut from 300gsm black card stock just what i had to hand, 240gsm will absoloutely fine for this bag as you will be building up your layers.
Now you want to use a double sided sticky sheet place the double sided sticky sheet over a piece of black card stock and then die cut the plain backing panels so you need 2x large panels for the front and back and 2x side backing panels.peel off the sticky backing and carefully  place a few bits of the gold guilding flakes randomly  on your backing die cut and rub in leaving gaps you don't want to cover it all brush off the bits until  smooth then cover the rest with the copper flakes and repeat now you should have a two toned colour do this to all the backing pieces now you need to cut them all again but adding the detail die this time and die cut with jet  black Craft perfect card stock once all these are die cut place glue onto the reverse and adhere  to the backing panels, the decoration to the bag with the tags and sentiments were made the same way you will get all the cutting for the guilding flakes from an A4 sticky sheet backed onto card.
Thank you for visiting my blog today, be sure to pop back here on Friday where I will be sharing a brand new launch with you from Tonic Studios you want want to miss this one everyone xxxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

With love

Good afternoon everyone, sharing a gift bag with you today from Tonic Studios Craft kit 9.
Materials needed:-
Tonic Studios- Craft kit 9
Bright White craft perfect
Pistachio  green craft perfect
Craft perfect super smooth white
Champagne craft perfect
Red liner tape craft perfect
Nuvo Alcohol pens second edition corals
Nuvo Aqua flow shimmer pen
Nuvo - Deluxe Ahdesive
Shoe string coral ribbon

To create this bag you will need to cut two of the largest dies in the set once these are die cut its best to  decorate the bag flat .
Now you will need to die cut 2 plain panels in the pistachio green card stock and then cut another two plain panels in Champagne ,add the detail to the champagne  layer this will then be glued to the pistachio  green die cut and glued flat to the bag repeat the same for the side cut the detail die again in a white stamping card - Nuvo super smooth  craft perfect is ideal for this then you will be adding the pieces back into the die where you see the flower sections this is called paper piecing you will need to add wet glue to each little section and then place the white card in place once dry you will then be ready to colour the flowers sections .
For this card Nuvo Alcohol pens coral colours  were used ,just be careful and take your time as you dont want to colour over the lines  top tip if that does happen and you think you have ruined your bag just cut the detail part out again in chapagne and over lay it on top it will cover up your mistake and nobody would know. Once all the detail is coloured just highlight the flowers with the Aqua flow glimmer pen.
Now you need to die cut the tag again sticking with the same colours & thread some fine shoe string ribbon through the top of the tag and add a small matching bow, you will also need to die cut the flower embellishment and stick down with wet glue on to a piece of white card that has been coloured with the Nuvo coral pens and then cut out fee hand this is then added to the tag.
In the die set you will find decorative dies to decorate the handle this was cut out in the same pistachio green card stock  and Champagne  and glued flat to the handle each side.
Thank you joining me today 

Until next time xx

Friday, 20 April 2018

With love

Good morning everyone,and welcome to my blog , today I would like to share a card created using the Die set that comes with the latest Tonic Studios magazine issue 5 . This die is exclusive to Hochanda so I hope you were lucky enough to get your copy yesterday as it was a month's supply and a huge amount of stock that was flying through the door yesterday.
Materials used :-
Extra  die in the Hochanda magazine 5 bundle
Bright White craft perfect
Jet Black Craft perfect 
 Craft perfect Coral Pink
Black Nuvo drops
White 300gsm base card stock

Really easy and quick make with this die set , the card blank has had the edge of the die placed down the side only on the front of the card just to add a decorative Edge to the card the die is shorter than the card so you will need to snip top and bottom a small straight line to continue the cut edge, then line the card with coral craft perfect  as it will then show off the decorative Edge.
The card has matting and layering in coral and black Craft perfect card stock these colours with white really make the white die cuts pop off the card. The detail is cut into the white layer with a nice border round the die about half an inch with a gap in the centre of the card to allow the beautiful strip die to be  placed on foam pads and added to the card this has then had black nuvo drops added  just for a little more dimension & decoration  the card. 
The flowers were die cut 3 times for each flower then shaped with Tonic Studios Flower forming sponge mat and ball tool then glued together using Deluxe Adhesive from Tonic and slightly off setting each petal and then glue to the card and to finish add Black Nuvo drops to the centre of each flower.
See i told you it was a quick easy card go create so have a go i can not wait to see what you all create with you magazine kit.
I have more projects to share with you ,I won't share the creations that are in the magazine as I don't want to spoil you receiving the magazine .

Have a great weekend everyone xxx

Monday, 16 April 2018

For you with love

Good morning everyone, Wow!! Monday already I have no idea where the weekend went, well I certainly enjoyed the Tonic Studios 10 day Birthday event so many gorgeous new products, I still have a few makes to share with you so will post every day until I have shared everything, don't forget Tonic Studios magazine box kit will be available this week and if purchased from Hochanda you do get an exclusive die.
Materials used:-
Square Floral Aperture die & Stamp set
Border strip- simply screens Clematis Vine
Nuvo drops- Carnation Pink
Craft perfect-pistachio green
Craft perfect Fuchsia Pink
Craft perfect - Harvest gold mirror card
Craft perfect - fern green
Craft perfect -blossom Pink
Craft perfect- White smooth stamping card
Craft perfect Gold mirror card
Nuvo clear ink pad
Nuvo gold embossing powder
Nuvo water colour pencils
Water colour brush
Nuvo  Panama Rose  hybrid ink pad
300gsm white card stock - base card
For you miniature moments  sentiments
With love Minature moments sentiments

The card is an 8"x 8" easel card so you will need a card blank measuring 8"x8" the front panel you will score in half again and then you will need another piece of card stock measuring 8 " x 8" this will then attatch to the flap but only place adhesive to the bottom of the score line this is very important.
Now cut your mat and layers in Fuchsia  pink and then white you will be die cutting your square Aperture out of the white card layer ,place all dies on your card stock and centre the middle aperture die tape down with low tack tape and then remove the two outer dies remember only ever cut 1 die at a time because if they cross over in your machine they will be ruined and you don't want that to happen as they have cost you a considerable amount.
Now you will need to die cut the larger detail flower die in fern green craft perfect card stock you will then add a small amount of wet glue to the back of the larger leaf each side of the die cut and place on a piece of pischio green   card stock, again craft perfect and then with a small pair of snips cut around each leaf.
To create the flowers you will need to die cut 4 of these in blossom pink craft perfect don't forget to also emboss these flowers as there is a beautiful fine line detail in them while the flower is in the die with a blending sponge and the Panama Rose hybrid ink, ink through the die this will place some detail colour to your flower do this on all 4 and wipe the die with a piece of tissue afterwards.
Now place the flower onto a sponge mat upside down and on the reverse of each flower you will shape it with a ball tool using Tonic Studios flower shaping kit, flip the flower over and press in the centre of each flower then glue one on top of the other with wet glue off setting each one.
The opposite corner has been  rubbed over with an anti static bag & then stamped with the nuvo clear ink pad and nuvo gold embossing powder  and heat set, let this cool for a minute  and then you can colour with the Nuvo water colour pencils and a water brush.
Then add the sentiments for you - with love, die cut in craft perfect  Bright White and gold mirror card and then finish the card by adding a border strip from the simply screens Clematis Vine in white craft perfect and backing it on craft perfect Pink blossom card this is added to the base of the card with 3D foam pads to form the stopper of your card and then  adding  pink carnation Nuvo drops.
Thank you for visiting my blog today until next time xx

Friday, 13 April 2018


Good evening everyone, i can see you are loving the Floral Aperture die and stamp sets and to be honest i don't blame you they are stunning.
Tonight's card is all glitter card and bling.
Materials needed:-
Oval Floral Apertures die set & Stamps
Black craft perfect
Chilli red craft perfect
Welsh gold glitter craft perfect
Gold mirror card craft perfect
Gold satin card craft perfect
Congratulations sentiment
Red Nuvo drops 
gold Nuvo drops
Black 280/300gsm base card

The base card is 8"x 8" with mat & layers in  welsh gold craft perfect  glitter card & jet black craft perfect card stock.
You will need to centre the Aperture die to the top black layer of card this is then raised with 3D foam pads and placed on the card and then the gorgeous glitter card shines through.
The floral dies are die cut in gold mirror card and  gold satin card and glued with a slight drop shadow and placed on the card.
The separate flowers are die cut in chilli red craft perfect and welsh gold glitter card these are shaped with a ball tool on a sponge mat then these are placed over the design. To finish the card gold nuvo drops are added to the red flowers and red drops to the gold glitter card flowers.Then place some gold drops around the Aperture.
Thank you once again for visiting  my blog this evening xx

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Happy Anniversary

Good evening everyone, sharing a card with you from Tonic Studios brand new launch of the floral Apetures which are stunning there are 3 sets, each set has dies and also a floral stamp. Today's card is from the Square floral Aperture set.
Materials used:-
Square floral Aperture die set
Ivory craft perfect
Gold craft mirror card
Gold speciality card
Ivory 300gsm base card
Gold Nuvo drops
Happy Anniversary die
Satin gold ribbon

The card base is 8"x 8" with mat and layers the top layer has had the square aperture die cut into the centre of the card which gives you the perfect placement for the floral corners.
The floral corners are first die cut in the gold mirror craft perfect card stock and then die cut again in craft perfect Ivory card stock these are slightly drop shadowed and placed onto the card.
The flowers are seperate dies so 3 flowers were die cut and shaped with Tonic Studios flower forming kit by going over the reverse of the petals with a ball tool on the sponge mat that comes in the  flower forming kit.these are then glued on top of each other and then placed on the card with hot glue.
To finish the card a satin bow was placed with long tails and shaped and stuck with hot glue and a Happy Anniversary sentiment was added again with a drop shadow.

The box was created on the crafters companion score board in inches you will need 2 pieces of cream card stock 10"x10" square both pieces are scored at 1" all the way round all 4 sides the crafters companion score board has one side to measure the lid and one side for the base so you don't have to measure the difference so the lid fits to the base. A square was cut with a ruler and craft knife in the lid of the box and Acetate was placed in the lid then as before cut the florals out in gold mirror and ivory craft perfect and glue with a slight shadow and add these to opposite corners.
Place your card inside the box and then add nuvo gold drops to the lid

Thank you for visiting my blog tonight xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A little bit of sparkle

Good afternoon everyone, sharing a brand new launch with you this afternoon from Tonic Studios Glitters/ Confetti and the 3 brand new shades in Glimmer paste which are gorgeous and then 2x brand new shades of glitter Accents, join Paula this evening at 6pm on Hochanda. Tonic are launching 8 brand new confetti bottles and 8x beautiful pure sheen glitters the jars are bigger than the previous jars and these jars are plastic 35ml/1.2fl.oz look fabulous on the shelf  but even better on you projects.

Materials needed for this card :
Floral Affections die set Hello
Jet Black Craft perfect 
Polished gold craft perfect
Black 280 base card
Desert sunset stars pure sheen Confetti
Nuvo drops- Ivory Seashell
Craft perfect  construction Acetate 

 The card is a shaker card using the gorgeous Desert Sunset  Stars and boy they sparkle, this card is a very bling ,sparkly card.
The base of the heart is cut from 280gsm to make it sturdy I say a card it's more like a plaque on the stand from the same set die cut in 280gsm black card and polished gold  craft perfect. Under the frame a line of red liner tape was placed with a piece of acetate then a layer all the way around with shaker foam tape make sure there are no gaps as you don't want the confetti escaping out   inside the shaker hello sentiment was added onto a smaller die cut heart from the same floral affections die set, to finish the plaque a decorative bow was added with a mini heart and Ivory Seashell drops were added.

Thank you for visiting  today, I still have lot's to blog so will do my best over the next few days to get everything  blogged here for you , tomorrow is my Birthday so I might not blog tomorrow I might have the day off  , but you never know  lol xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New Baby

Good afternoon everyone, hope your all enjoying the Anniversary shows on Hochanda.Today i have two cards to share with you  one is a waterfall baby card and the other is using the beautiful cascading heart waterfall set but without making a waterfall.
Materials for this card :
Bouquet & Banners waterfall set
Rococo baby set
New baby sentiment
280gsm base card stock
Craft perfect Blossom Pink
Craft pefect bright white
Craft perfect yellow
Craft perfect orange
Craft perfect pewter grey
Jellybean Gingham card stock
Gingham ribbon

This card is made with A4 card scoring at 2"4" from each end allowing the centre of the card 7" and the depth of the card is 7" each side has been mat and layered with Blossom pink / bright white craft perfect card stock and a little strip of pink & white Gingham card , the inside of the card is also decorated with the same card stock.
Each layer of the waterfall is cut in pink and white adding the detail to each and then in the centre there are a babies dummy, duck, teddy, elephant from the Rococo baby die sets all paper pieced finishing with a new baby sentiment which has also been paper pieced.

Materials needed:-
Cascading Hearts waterfall set
On your Day sentiment
Lemon craft perfect
Bright white craft perfect
Pewter grey craft perfect
White gloss Nuvo drops
Silver Nuvo drops

The card blank is 8" x 8" with mat and layers in pewter grey and lemon craft perfect the detail hearts have been cut into the card stock find your centre point top bottom left and right so that the hearts are equally  spaced out you will start to see a beautiful pattern appear in the card stock, you will need to cut 4 plain hearts in grey there are added to the card on 3D foam pads and then you need to die cut 4 large hearts in white as the base and yellow with the detail cut out out so a pop of bright white shows through these are then added to the card with 3D foam pads.
Now die cut the sentiment in white and glue flat to grey card and cut out free hand with scissors and this is also placed on the card with 3D foam pads, and now add nuvo drops to finish.
Thank you for joining me today , i have so much to share with you all over the next few days and so much to blog stay tuned folks i will get there in the end xx

Monday, 9 April 2018

Good evening everyone, sharing another project with you from Tonic Studios Mica mists and shimmer powders.

No 1. Uncle

Good morning everyone and welcome to my blog , today I am sharing with you a brand new launch from Tonic Studios the waterfall die sets there are two sets  Cascading  hearts &  Bouquets & banners  .       
To create this card you need :-
Bouquet & banners  waterfall die set
Rococo men's- football shoes
Rococo men's grass from the golf set 
Rococo men's football
Rococo wild buildables panda set - trophy cup
Alphabet die set 
Family sentiments - Uncle
Framed screens- garden trellis/ Blocked  parquet
Craft perfect pistachio green
Craft perfect fern    green
Craft perfect Bright White
Craft perfect cornflower blue
Craft perfect Black
Black 300gsm black base card stock

The card blank is a 7x7 gate fold card with mat & layers inside the card the waterfall mechanism is in white with Black and white layers  and the layers for this card have been kept plain with no lacy detail added, on each layer you have no 1 on the top layer  inside the banner, going down it's a man's theme so you have a football, football boot and a trophy cup from the panda buildables set. The bottom of the waterfall has a small piece of blue ribbon for a pulley, remember when you are putting the mechanism  together to really give the score lines a good crease and when you place the  decorative toppers to place them to the top line not over the line  this will make sure it works beautifully .
The outside on the card is decorated using the  panels as they remind me of a football net, again mat and layers in cornflower blue craft perfect and Bright White Craft perfect , for decoration the football  boot and grass was added and  from the family sentiments set uncle was cut in white and backed on black Craft perfect and then placed over half the card front.

Materials needed to create this card
   Cascading Hearts waterfall die set 
Congrats sentiment
Bowscale Layering die sets
Ivory craft perfect
Ivory base card stock 
Speciality gold satin card stock
Nuvo drops ivory seashell
Satin bow

The base card was created cutting two of the largest  dies and placing a score line in the back and then gluing the front panel to the tab you created this gives you a beautiful shaped card base then with mat and layers with the beautiful luxury gold  speciality card and ivory craft perfect the waterfall mechanism is made with a 280 gsm cream card stock again as before make sure all the score lines are burnished and when you place the hearts to the base you place then up to the line this is very important,  because if you go over the line the mechanism  won't work properly, also make sure your hearts are lined up so they are straight.
The top piece of card the waterfall is attached to has a little more detail added but die cutting into each corner of the card stock with the detailed lacy heart that's in the waterfall set.
I was thinking of a golden wedding Anniversary  with this card or a wedding.
Each heart has been cut out in ivory craft perfect and gold  satin  and the detail cut into the ivory card so the gold just pops through. You could add photos or secret messages on each heart or the date they met lots of little finishing touches could be made to personalise  this card or project.

Thank you for joining me today,I will be posting more this evening from the mica mists and shimmer powders,don't forget to tune into Hochanda today to see both Jodie and Paula demonstrate xx

Sunday, 8 April 2018


Good afternoon everyone, well a  brand new launch this evening from Tonic Studios launching the mica mists and shimmer powders now this for me I will hold my hands up is really new   but oh my word what a time I had so I better get sharing what I created for the launch .
To create this card you need :- 
Mica spray- Nebula Blue
Shimmer powder - Atlantis burst & Blue Blitz & solar flare & green parade
Large layering tag die sets 
Mandala Dragon fly
 Mandala  stamp
Dream sentiment - Wills hand
Gold  Nuvo flakes
 Tonic Stencil- Beautiful Bokeh
Dandelion yellow Nuvo drops
Ebony Black Nuvo gloss drops
White Nuvo embossing powder
Nuvo clear ink pad
Glue pen
Glimmer paste Clear
Organza ribbon
Yellow rose embellishment

The base of the card is cut from the large basic layering Tag set you need two of these and the back panel needs  a score line across the back about 1" deep then the front panel is glued to the back using the hinge you created then with another piece of card stock die cut a slighty smaller tag for this card I used stamping card stock.
I am not a messy crafter as in getting inky and messy so I found myself a box and used this for my spray station I first of all gave the tag a spray with the  Nebula blue mica spray just gentle bursts and then dried with a heat gun I went back and sprayed a little more and repeated with the heat gun  I then gently spritzed the card with water using the Nuvo water spray bottles then with the  shimmer powders I gently tapped the bottles Atlantis  burst - blue Blitz and a little solar flare then sprayed over with water and then watch the colours explode on the card wow the colour is so intense make sure you don't add to much powder at first you can always add more but putting to much on you are wasting your product as a little goes a long way.  I didn't soak the card but I gave it a moderate spray where I wanted less colour I added a little more water and then blotted it off with kitchen towel then heat set it with a heat gun .
once I was happy with the background colour  I then stamped the mandala using an acrylic block with Nuvo clear ink and then heat set with Nuvo white embossing powder I did this radomley around the edge of the tag always use an anti static pad before stamping to remove any grease marks that way your embossing powder will only stick to the area you have stamped. 
Now for the mandala Dragon fly this was die cut from stamping card and then with the water spray dampen the card a little then add the Shimmer powder solar flare to the centre of the Dragon fly and then green parade to the edges of the wings again gently tapping the powder from the bottle then with the water spray activate the powder and again watch the colour burst into life let the colours mix by moving the card in the direction you want the colour to go and then heat set with a heat gun. 
Now with the beautiful Bokeh stencil apply some glimmer paste I added some  in random places and then dried it with the heat gun . Now with a glue pen add a little glue where you would like to add a little gold flakes wait until the glue pen has gone from blue to clear then add the flakes and then gently rub off the excess  back into your pot.
Once the Dragon fly is  dry shape the wings with your fingers and glue to the card and then you can give him some Nuvo drops for eyes then finish the tag by adding a bow and gem and some Dandellion Nuvo drops.

Thank you for joining me again I will post again tomorrow as I have another new launch to share with you all xx

With love

Good sunday morning everyone, welcome to my blog  if your new to my blog this is where I share all my Tonic Studios Creations and things just made for fun if you scroll down the right hand side of my blog you will see links to all my team mates blogs and Tonic Studios blog and also a follow button if you would like to follow me.Today I am sharing with you a  kaledescope box I created for the Birthday launch on Hochanda.
Materials to create this box
Original Kaliedescope hexagon  box lid
New hexagon set
Medium side panels
Craft perfect Ivory
Craft perfect Gold pearlecent
Craft perfect red glitter card
Craft perfect  green glitter card
280 gsm black base card 
Red satin ribbon
 With love sentiment

To create the box you will need the original hexagon lid cut two of these  I use wet glue but red liner tape works very well ,glue all the flaps flush so you have neat tidy tight corners , when you glue the flaps down leave 1mm gap on all of the flaps this gives you that little space you need for the lid to lift on and off without any trouble,you will need to add some glue inside the edges of your base this is then ready for you to place your middle section into the base.
To make the body of your box you will need to cut out the plain medium panels 3 times this gives you 6 equil panels and a glue tab now I always add the detailed panels to the lid and body before I glue the panel of the body it makes life a lot easier the side panel you will need to cut 6 Ivory plain panels then 6 gold pearlecent panels then add your detail into the gold layer once these are all die cut you will need to glue flat the gold to the ivory then these are glued flat to the box again I use wet glue for this,at this point if you were to add Nuvo drops to the side panels I would do it now and leave to dry over night and then stand up as your drops will just run if you do this at a later stage. 
Once the main body is glued in place you will add the lid now like I said previously you will decorate the lid flat as it's so much easier then glue the flaps with a slight gap, the lid has been paper pieced and that means the base was cut in ivory with the gold detail pattern on top then the beautiful flower was cut again in red glitter card and the pieces were glued in place tweezers will be your best friend for this job as there are tiny pieces to pick up and glue in place this is where wet glue is also your best friend. Once all the red detail is done you will need to die cut the flower again in green glitter card and do the same again , if you didnt fancy doing the paper piecing you could always use a glue pen or double sided sticky sheet and use fine glitter.

 Before you glue the decorative top to the box you will need to glue your ribbon from the tag to your lid and then place the decorative top this was added with 3D foam pads just to add a little dimension. The sides of the lid and base were die cut in craft perfect ivory and glued flat to the sides and then the same die was cut again in red glitter card and paper pieced now keep the rest of the decorative panel as you can use these on another box so nothing goes to waste . On this box a tag was  added with a with love die cut from our mini sentiments.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit my blog today .

I will have another blog post this afternoon with more kaleidoscope  boxes and then this evening another brand new launch,enjoy your Sunday everyone  and don't forget Jodie is live on Hochanda throughout today  with more inspiration and demonstations xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Hello I am back again this time sharing some cards with you created using the brand new Diamond Hybrid ink pads from Tonic Studios,
Very fresh clean looking card and a quick make 
The card is 5x7 and another piece of card measuring 5x7 is cut at an angle going wider towards the bottom of the card the card underneath has been stencilled using the fancy fretwork stencil from Tonic Studios you will need an blending sponge and the yellow and orange toned hybrid inks - Carrot Stick & Rubber Duck going light to dark.then the white layers are added back to the card with 3d foam pads and a hello stamp was added with Nuvo black hybrid ink and to finish Nuvo drops were added in the same tones to the inks and a large flower from the beautiful blooms was added.

The card blank decorative Rivoli  is cut by cutting 2x base dies out in cream 280 gsm card and placing a score line in the back panel and then placing adhesive to the hinge to glue the front panel to the back to form your shaped will then cut the same shape in dark Pewter grey craft perfect and then die cut the detail.
The background for this card was created using a white glossy card stock and using the two shades of pink- Panama rose &  Pink Sherbert, I applied the ink  straight to the card I had to do this quickly as they are fast drying inks as they are hybrid but I randomly took the felt ink pad to the card and pushed down and then twisted it so it was more of a circular shape than square then added a couple of drops of glycerine  to my glass media mat and picked up with a sponge blender and quickly blended the colours together it gives you a lovely background to your card and then you can colour ribbon to match ect that's the beauty of hybrid inks you can colour ribbon and stamp directly onto ribbon . 
The flowers were die cut and shaped with the Tonic Studios flower forming kit and then each petal was distressed with the same inks using a sponge blender.
The flowers were placed onto the card with hot glue and then Crystal drops applied and the enjoy sentiment was added with a drop shadow. A card you could give for any occasion by just changing the sentiment, I do love a card with handmade flowers they really are special to receive.

This was such a simple card to put together but I really like the fresh zingy colours of this card made me smile .
I drew with a pencil and ruler roughly where I wanted my strip of colour and started with the lighter colours of  ink pads  Rubber Duck and  Lime Burst to fill the solid colour of the stamps then went back over with the darker ink pads Carrot Stick - Dried Oregano to  outline the stamps, the strip in the centre does cover a little but not much and then the centre panel has special wishes stamped with Nuvo  Black hybrid ink pad and then 3 Nuvo drops applied top and bottom and then randomly add the beautiful Nuvo lightgold pure sheen sequins to the card.

This card was created using the large plain tag dies and was die cut with the craft perfect smooth card stock the card is 5x7 with mat and layers in bright white craft perfect and Pistachio  green craft perfect the stamp was inked up using a Rich Rosewood  in the hybrid sets and the darkest green  Dried Oregano the rose buds were masked off so the 3x rose buds were overlaying each other and coloured using the brand new sets of Nuvo Alcohol  pens in the greens and coral tones. The tipple coral bow was added to the top of the tag so everything is colour co- ordinated  and then to finish white Nuvo gloss drops were added. A really  simple thank you card but change the sentiment it could be for any occasion.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog tonight a bit late night blogging as I have so much to share with you over the coming days.

Best wishes

Good morning everyone, well who's been naughty and is currently on the naughty step ?  Well if you are I don't blame you Tonic Studios are launching amazing products over the next 10 days you really are spoilt for choice.Today I am sharing a card made with the kaleidoscope  die sets currently available on Hochanda.
Materials used :-
Kaleidoscope  octagon new die set
Craft perfect jet black
Craft perfect Ivory
Craft perfect rose gold satin
Craft perfect Rose gold mirror
Best wishes sentiment
Black 300 gsm base card
Organza bow
Swirl flourish from beautiful blooms die sets 

To create this card you will need to die cut 2x of the largest dies in the set and form a hinge across the back panel roughly about 1" deep  the front panel will then glue to this tab to form your shaped card base then it's time to decorate and boy there is so much choice in this set  you can see from the photo I have die cut different layers in ivory ,rose gold and black  the layering dies in this set are amazing and as crafters these will be used an awful lot.
You will notice in the set half cut dies these are fantastic to make easel cards cut into cards, flip flop cards the list is endless, on this card two of the half cuts were made just for a fine border  to make the card pop.
The centre of the card has been die cut in craft perfect black card stock and also rose gold mirror and slightly off set to create a slight shadow I think this adds the touch of luxury to this card and then the flowers were then paper pieced  with the rose mirror card.
Best wishes sentiment was added to the centre cut in rose gold sheen and Rose gold mirror and again drop shadowed I do this a lot on projects I just think it gives depth and dimension to a project.
To finish the card an organza ribbon was added and in the die set you have a die that cuts lots of little flowers and these flowers were die cut and shaped with Tonics  flower shaping tool kit and then placed on the card.

Thank you for visiting my blog today Be sure to pop back each day over the next 10 days as I have so much to share with you xx